– Consecutive translation. The speaker or speaker pauses in speech, during which the translator reproduces the information received. This type of translation is often used during events, business meetings, teleconferences, etc. Our team members have the necessary knowledge in various fields. Thanks to this, the translator working with consecutive translation at any event is not only a specialist in translation but also in the field related to this consecutive translation.

– Simultaneous translation. The translator translates at the same time as the speaker, that is, the speaker does not pause during the speech. The simultaneous perception of the source text and translation is the greatest difficulty for translators. Despite this, our team provides specialists in this field.

– Interpretation at exhibitions. The translator working at the exhibition should not only be a professional in the translation field but also be able to work with people, contribute to the lack of misunderstanding between representatives of different nationalities.

Written translations

– Translation of online sites. In the context of modern globalization, a site is an integral part of any company. Thanks to a website that operates in different languages, the target audience of your company are growing. When you contact us, you get a high-quality translation in compliance with all your wishes, because our team is a team of professionals.

– Translation of technical documentation. Our translators working in this field are highly professional, as modern linguistic education does not include technical terminology training. Our team offers the following translations: translations of instructions, user manuals, accompanying technical documentation, as well as various articles of the technical plan.

– Translation of medical texts. Despite the global scope of the pharmaceutical industry, many translation agencies refuse the Client of this transfer. The reasons for this are the lack of a wide range of specialists in this field and the short lead time for the order. Our team provides a wide range of translations in this field: translations of licenses for pharmaceutical products, instructions for medical equipment, certificates, extracts from the hospital, medical records, medical reports, as well as a variety of scientific and medical articles.

– Translation of financial documents. To translate texts related to the financial sector, accuracy, the ability to adapt the translated text to the realities of the state, to have the necessary knowledge in this field are necessary since the slightest mistake in the documentation can lead to losses. We provide translators with specialized training and extensive experience working with translations of texts on this topic. Our team offers translations of the following documents: business plans, annual reports, marketing research, financial accounts, contracts, reporting, etc.

– Translation of legal documentation. We recognize that the most important thing for translating legal texts is accuracy and accuracy. Our clients can count on the thorough approach of specialists. Meydan Translation Bureau practices legal translations of the following documents: contracts, contracts, agreements, arrangements, applications, certificates of marriage, divorce, birth of a child, as well as various documents in the field of civil law, tax law, international law, documents related to copyright, insurance poles, documents on the assessment of property and non-property rights, etc.

– Translation of documentation. Paperwork is an integral part of the work of any translator. But it is our team that offers a professional translation of documents by specialists who understand the finest details of a particular area.

– Translations of various subjects. Sometimes translations are not included in the standard framework of the concepts of “legal translation” or “translation of financial documents”. We offer a wide range of services. One of the main advantages of our team is the execution of transfers on time specified by the Client and the exact correspondence of the transfer to pre-negotiated features.

– Translation of literary texts. The main task of a translator practising translations of fiction is to preserve the author’s intention. The meaning depends on each word, so we guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the translation. Our team works with translations of prose and poetry, as well as scientific articles, epistolary works, journalism, advertising.

– Editing and correction of texts. The list of services provided by our bureau includes proofreading the text, the translation of which was not done at our bureau. The client can provide the material both in electronic and in written format.

– Notarization of texts. Quite often there is a need to notarize documents. Our bureau provides this service according to the requirements of the Client.

– Apostilization of documents. We provide apostille of documents as a simplified form of legalization of documents necessary for the recognition of a document abroad.


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